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Fixing bikes is what we do. We like to sell bikes and stuff but our true passion and primary concern is making
bicycles work the way they're supposed to.
We service all brands and types of bikes, new or old, from full race
road and mountain burners to commuters,
casual cruisers and kids' bikes. We do it with care, precision and adherence
to the proper standards
and procedures specified for your bike. Bring your bike in anytime for a free evaulation of
what it needs,
what the options are and the costs. FREE ESTIMATES
  • Basic Tune Up
  • Inspect & evaluate all components
  • Check all fasteners
  • Adjust shifting, align derailleurs
  • Adjust brakes - center calipers, align pads, clean & lube pivot posts
  • Adjust wheel, headset & bottom bracket bearings 
  • Wipe & lube chain
  • Spot true wheels
  • Clean & lube seat tube
  • Clean & lube quill stem anchor bolt
  • Adjust tire pressure 
  • $69
 This makes most bikes operate much noticeably better. Some need new parts, the most common being cables & housings and brake shoes. Some need a thorough clean & lube.
  • Pro Tune Up
  • Basic Tune Up Plus
  • Remove chain, cogset, crankset, derailleurs & brake calipers, deep clean & lubricate or replace as needed
  • Precision True wheels
  • Clean & Wax entire bike
  • $109
This is what it takes to put many bikes in excellent condition. When the gears, chain and derailleurs are coated with dried lubricant and dirt the shifting becomes hard and erratic and the abrasiveness causes the drivetrain to wear out much quicker.

If the cables are corroded and binding in the housings the shifting gets even worse and the brakes don't work well.
Replace cable & housing assemblies
$6 each plus parts

At first glance bikes look fairly simple but closer examination reveals a whole bunch of complex little pieces and parts that all have to move in harmony for the bike to work right. It often appears to be just one thing that's causing a problem but more often than not it's a combination of several issues that make a bike not function as it should. If your bike needs more than a simple adjustment our Tune Up packages are the best deal. The procedures covered would cost far more if done individually and are what it takes to put most bikes in good running order.
  • Complete Overhaul
  • Pro Tune Up plus:
  • Remove all parts, clean & lube or replace
  • Includes wheel, bottom bracket (crank), headset (fork) bearings, shifters, brakes
  • Check wheel dropout alignment
  • Apply corrosion inhibitor inside steel frames
  • $179 most bikes-Parts not included

  • Quick Tune
  • Adjust brakes-align pads & calipers
  • Adjust shifting-derailleurs & cable tension
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Check all & make note of any issues
  • $49
The majority of the bikes we service need more than this but if your bike is routinely serviced this may be all that it needs.
New Bike Assembly & Tune Up
Partially assembled bikes sold online and fully assembled Box Store bikes always need competent, professional assembly and tune up to work as they're supposed to. Without, the results are less comfort, harder pedaling, imprecise stopping, shifting and steering.  Our service includes proper assembly and Basic Tune Up procedures.
Cost ranges from $49 to $69 for most kid and adult bikes.
Flat Repair Inspect tire & rim, install new tube-$7.94 (most bikes)
A patch is a temporary fix and we don't do it unless there's no other option.
If you have a good bike that you've had for a long time it's easy to get used to things not working as well as they should. Things gradually get worse and it gets harder to pedal and steer, harder to stop and shifting gears gets to be a hit or miss struggle. Hop on a comparable new bike sometime and compare it to the way yours feels. You might just be amazed at how much easier and smoother everything works. Given the proper care and attention, most quality bikes, no matter how old, can be made to ride and feel the way they used to for less than the cost of replacing it.
Click here to see some things that you can do to take care of your bike
Many bikes have the bottom of the rear derailleur bent in towards the wheel, causing the chain to not be aligned with the sprockets, causing erratic shifting and rapid cog wear. It's easy to do, the derailleur sticks out a bit and can be bent from dropping the bike on that side or contact with a root, rock, tree or curb. It's usually not the derailleur that's bent, it's the hanger that it's attached to. The hanger is made of softer metal so it can bend a bit without breaking and is bolted to the frame so it can be replaced if it does break. Alignment is accomplished with a tool that aligns the derailleur and hanger parallel with the wheel rim, cogs and crankset.
Upgrades, Alterations & Restoration For All Bikes
Numerous upgrades to your existing bike are possible, some are worthwhile and cost effective, many aren't. It's easy to get carried away and end up spending more and accomplishing less than if you'd bought a new bike. Never the less, with a few dollars spent in the right places many better quality older bikes can perform on par with new ones for way less than the cost of a new bike. We're always glad to talk with you about options and costs to accomplish what you have in mind.
Free estimates on all repairs
Bring your bike in anytime for a free, honest appraisal of what it will take to make it happy.
Packing & Shipping
We will professionally pack your bike to Manufacturer, UPS & FEDEX Approved standards for $75.
Call or email anytime to discuss your needs or make an appointment.
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