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Interesting and Useful Links
A Few Places To Ride
MapMyRide 28786Area rides posted by local riders
Mountain Bike WNCThe best and most comprehensive source of info on off road riding in Western North Carolina
Bent CreekNice wooded trails for all levels of riders near Asheville
The Great Allegheny PassageA 150-mile system of biking and hiking trails connecting Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA
Tsali Recreation Area40 miles of trails rated as one of the 10 best in the USA.
At The Ridge Fun Trails Check out this website for mountain bike trails & events around the Balsam Grove area
Virginia Creeper Trail34 miles of old railroad bed trail based around Damascus, Va.
Va. Creeper Trail articleA better description than the 'official' site
Greenbrier River Trail A beautiful 80 mile trail through the woods on old railroad beds along the Greenbrier River in W. VA.  
Old Clark InnThis inn is in Marlinton, W.Va. and is a good  place to stay while riding the Greenbrier River Trail
Rails to Trails Conservancy
Adventure Cycling Association
America BikesA bike advocacy group working hard to promote a bike friendly America.
Asheville Bicycle Racing Club  Local riders working hard to promote the establishment of more bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure in Western North carolina
Bikes Belong Coalition
Blue Ridge Bicycle ClubA great source for local bike info, rides & more
Commuter Bicycle.comGood tips & advice about commuting by bicycle
International Mountain Biking Association
League of  American BicyclistsThe glue that holds cycling together
National Center for Bicycling & Walking
NC DOT Bicycle Division
Thunderhead Alliance
USA Cycling Foundation
probicycle.comAdvocacy by cylists for cyclists
Zeke's Great Smokies 2-Wheeled Adventures!  

Other Stuff
Bicycle Museum of America    They've got you're old bike-and your grandfathers as well...
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Circle City Bicycles    The best selection of bicycle related gadgets, gimcracks & geegaws on the web.
Electric Bike Solutions    A good site with lots of good info about electric bikes. Learn from it, but please, talk to us before you buy.
FUJI Bicycles    Less hype & more bike for your buck...
Surly Bicycles 
Harris Cyclery    A superb collection of bicycle knowledge, wisdom and lore, much of it from the pen of Sheldon Brown. I never met him in person but he taught me a lot and gave me some valuable insights into the true nature of the bicycle.
Park Tool    An excellent source of maintenance and repair info with clear, concise instructions and detailed pictures.  More than you ever wanted to know about  bicycles...

Peter White Cycles How to Fit a Bicycle
Colorado Cyclist  How to Fit Your Custom Bicycle
Plains Bicycle Fit Guide

Non Bike Stuff
WNC Information Technology    Computer Wizards Extraordinaire! David MacDuffie worked on my shop computers, network and home PC and not only solved my most frustrating issues with ease but made them work better than when new and the cost was less than I expected.

Get Riding Right!    Personal motorcycle instruction with an emphasis on having fun while dealing most effectively with the rigors of riding in the real world. I've ridden thousands of miles to some very off the beaten path places with this man and can verify that he knows what it takes to ride smooth as silk, safe, quick when required and enjoy it to the max.

Mountain Area Information Network
    The most excellent host of this web site and the best defense against big brother that we have.
Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation    Our 4 legged brothers & sisters desperately need you. If you're looking for a pet this is by far the best place to start. If you can spare even the smallest coin or a bag of pet food we'll be glad to take it and see that they get it. They really need it and know just how to make it do the most good.

Unity Center of Arden    rocked my soul and made me whole...
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