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Recommended Accessories
There’s a mind boggling array of paraphernalia available for bikes and everyone has their own ideas about what you need and what you don’t. Keeping it simple is a good thing but there are a few things that do much to maintain the level of safety, comfort, convenience and reliablity it takes to be a happy rider.

If I don't have these first three items, I'm not getting on the bike...
If there's ever just one time that your head hits the ground, I hope you have yours on.
LightsA  bike on the road is easily overlooked by motorists and it's up to you to do whatever you can to be noticed. Even in broad daylight a flashing LED tail light and head light catch the eye and cause drivers to register your presence.
Rearview Mirror
You need to be aware of what's going on behind as well as in front. Whether on the road or on the trail, not knowing what's bearing down on you is going too far in putting your fate in the hands of unknown others. Turning your head to look behind you isn't a good idea.
Water Bottle If you ride, you’ll get thirsty, if you don't, you're not riding enough.
Riding Gloves If you fall you’ll put your hands out to catch yourself. Whether you’re on pavement or gravel, your hands won’t like it a bit. Fingerless gloves with ventilated backs and padded palms are a good choice. Full fingered gloves offer more protection but it’s your palms that usually get the most abuse.
Air PumpAll tires loose air, even brand new ones. Bike tires are so small that a little air lost makes a huge difference in safety and performance. Don't ride on soft tires, it makes it harder to control the bike and harder to pedal. At home, a floor pump or electric inflator is the quickest and easiest to use. Flats happen. On the road or trail a hand pump or Co2 inflator can save you from having to walk and push your bike.
Spare Tube
It’s easier and quicker to replace a tube than it is to patch it, especially on the road or trail. You can patch a small puncture, but first you have to find the hole, which isn't always easy. If it's a rip, tear or blowout, you can't patch it. 
Tire Levers
Tough, inexpensive plastic levers that make it easy to get the tire off and put it back on without damaging the rim or puncturing the tube you just replaced.
Patch Kit
Self adhesive patches in a tiny plastic box a little larger than a postage stamp. These can be a lifesaver when you have another flat  a mile down the road from the last one.
Tire GaugeProper tire pressure is essential for a safe, comfortable ride and minimizes the chances for a flat. 
Multi Tool
A few Allen or Torx wrenches and screwdriver that folded into a small pocket knife size that fits most of the things that most often need to be adjusted, tightened, loosened or otherwise fiddled with-seats, handlebars, lever position, roadside repairs etc.
Seat Bag Fastens to the bottom of your seat and holds all of the above in a neat little pack under your seat.
Chain Cleaner & Lube
A dirty, dry or rusty chain causes leads to erratic shifting, harder pedaling, gets grease on your car seats and ruins your gears and derailleurs. You can clean it with brushes and soap or use a nifty gadget with rotating brushes that makes it easier. Most of the problems we see in the shop are the result of grungy, greasy drivetrains.
Chain Oil
Chains don't need to be oiled all that often but when they need it, they need it. Motor oil or WD40 do NOT work on bicycles. Bicycle chain oil penetrates where it needs to, stays where it's supposed to and repels dirt & water.
Cycle Computer

Used to be called a speedometer-now it's a computer...Looks like a large watch and fastens to the handlebars. Keep tabs on your speed, mileage, trip distance, riding time, average speed, top speed & the time. It can, however, be disappointing to have proof that what felt like 20 miles was only 2...
Rear Rack

Fastens above the rear wheel and provides a platform to fasten your stuff to. Some also serve as a fender to keep road spray off  of your back.
To fasten your stuff to the rack. Put jacket, bread, cheese, wine in a small duffel bag and bungee it to your rack. The regular kind work ok and are cheaper but the bike specific ones work much better and look like they belong there.
Tail Trunk
A square pack that fastens to the rear rack, usually padded, with zippers, pockets, straps and flaps. Some are expandable and can hold a lot of cool stuff...bread, cheese, wine, camera...
You need a way to hold your bike up when you're not on it. Laying it on the ground isn't good for it, crashing to the ground  when it slips off of the tree you leaned it on is even worse...
We have access to just about every part or accessory on the market at prices as good as you'll find anywhere. If we don't have what you need, we'll get it.
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