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A full service bike shop serving Western North Carolina since 2003
1362 Asheville Road, Waynesville, NC 28786 Map & Directions
Hours 1-6PM Tuesday-Saturday

A shop for riders who require personal service that is competent, thorough and practical
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We're located at 1362 Asheville Road, Waynesville, North Carolina 28786. It's on the Northeast side of downtown Waynesville, one block North of the Board of Education (old county hospital) where North Main turns into Asheville Road in what was formerly the Suburban Gas building.
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Our normal business hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 1 ~ 6 PM.
Rolls Rite Bicycles 1362 Asheville Road, Waynesville, NC 28786    828-276-6080

Rolls Rite Bicycles is located in Waynesville, North Carolina on the Southeastern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a few miles North of The Blue Ridge Parkway and 25 miles West of Asheville.

We're a full service shop with bikes, parts and accessories but our real passion is for the service, repair and upgrade of all brands of bikes.
We advocate for the use of a bicycle as a method of transportation, a source of outdoor pleasure, a motivation for fitness and for some, a competitive sport machine.
Our primary bike lines are Fuji, Surly & SE Bikes. We also represent Civia, All City and Foundry. In the BMX category, besides SE Bikes, we also have access to Fiction, Fly Bikes, Stolen and Sub Rosa.
We also sell, service & install BionX and  E-BikeKit hub drive and Lectric Cycles upgraded version of Bafang's mid drive electric bike systems.  An electric bike kit added to a bike you like makes it very feasible and practical to use it for commuting, running errands or exploring the great outdoors.

Through our many suppliers we have rapid access to just about any part or accessory on the market. Our prices are about the same as average internet prices and we are here to stand behind and service what we sell.

We believe a leisurely ride around the block is every bit as important as the Assault on Mt. Mitchell or the Blue Ridge Breakaway and we deliver the bikes and expertise to accommodate either pursuit.

Our mission, besides making a living, is to promote riding a bike as a routine activity for regular folks, not just cyclists. To this end we're involved with our local bicycle advocacy league, and others who are working hard to provide a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly environment for all of us.

Rolls Rite Bicycles started in the garage of an old farm house near Highway 209 in 2002. It outgrew that and moved to a funky building with a mean driveway in Clyde before moving to our present location near downtown Waynesville in 2007.
Some good reasons to shop here are:
  • You'll get all the help you want deciding which bike, parts or accessories will best suit your needs at the best price
  • You'll get all the time you want for thorough trial rides before you decide which bike is right for you
  • You'll get a bike that we have assembled and set up with care and precision and will perform as it's meant to
  • We take care of the bikes we sell with free service after the sale 
  • Our service & repair work is thorough and meticulous
  • All of our bikes come with a solid warranty that covers parts and labor. 
  • Besides taking care of your bike we're here to help you outfit your bike to best suit your needs.
  • If you're not happy, we're not happy
Every new Rolls Rite bike includes free tune ups & adjustments after the sale.
Price alone doesn't mean you're getting a good deal. A good deal is getting a bike that's right for you, a shop that's there for you when you need it to be and not paying any more than you have to. We will never encourage you to spend more than it takes to accomplish your intended purpose.
Our price includes careful assembly and setup, free service and a better than factory warranty.

Our inventory varies daily and we don't have every bike we sell in stock but if we don't have the bike you want, we can usually get and have it ready to roll in just a few days.
Please stop by, call or email for current price and availability of the model you're interested in.

Our suppliers don't allow us to ship unassembled bikes  to customers.  

If there's a problem with a new Rolls Rite bike we'll gladly resolve it to you're full satisfaction.The Factory Warranties cover defective parts and our Rolls Rite Warranty covers the labor.
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RollsRite Bicycles 1362 Asheville Road, Waynesville, NC 28786  828-276-6080
Open 1-6PM Tuesday through Saturday   
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