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Full service & repair for all brands & types of bikes, e-bikes, trikes, joggers & strollers. Minor repairs to complete precision overhaul. All Work Guaranteed. Free Estimates.
Whether you're looking for a solid daily commuter, weekend warrior, cutting edge competiton or just fresh air and sunshine with a minimum of fuss, we have a bike for you and will do whatever it takes to help you be a happy rider. 
ELECTRIC BIKES Adding electric pedal assistance to your bike doesn't do away with exercise, for many, it increases it by giving you the ability to choose how much time and effort it takes to go where you want to go on two wheels and doing so more often.
BARGAIN BINMisc odds & ends, some new, some used
Recommended Accessories We carry a good selection of parts & accessories for your bike and are always ready to help you to determine which products might best suit your needs. If we don't have what you want, we'll get it.

Local Ride InfoWe are very fortunate to have a bicycle advocacy league that works hard to promote bicycling in our area. Check out to find out about local rides and how you can help to promote a more encouraging environment for riders and walkers in Haywood County.
Health on Wheels RideFlat, short, easy-paced bicycle rides for those recovering from illness, health problems, or who just want to start cycling.  These are road rides, either 8 or 10 miles.  No one is left behind.For more info contact Michele Trantham
Take Care of Your Bike! Things you can do to keep your bike happy...   About Your New Bike
Interesting & Useful Links Links to more than you ever wanted to know about bicycles... Bicycle Times & Dirt Rag

Interesting Bike Pictures Various and sundry-odd, old, useful and otherwise..
Bike Shop Vs Box Store Bikes This page is being revised and will be open pretty soon.
When it is, please check it out for an unbiased, professional explanation about
the differences between the two, what to expect when you buy one and
why we need them both.

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